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Garmin BaseCamp

Garmin BaseCamp is a map viewing software that can be connected with Garmin GPS Navigation devices. The software is available for Mac and Windows Operating System and cannot be installed on mobile. Follow the given article to know about all the features of the software, and how to install it on your system. 

Garmin Basecamp

Key Characteristics and Highlights

Garmin BaseCamp includes a wide range of features that are quoted below. 

  1. You can import maps in Basecamp that are purchased from Garmin official website and then transfer the maps onto your Garmin Automotive devices. 
  2. Basecamp lets you view all the topographic map data, preloaded, and downloaded maps in 2Dor 3D mode including contour lines and elevation profiles. 
  3. You can plan your trip in advance by entering routes, tracks, waypoints, and transfer information between the computer and supported navigation devices. 
  4. After acquiring a BirdsEye Imagery subscription, you can download it on BaseCamp and transfer it to your Garmin device. 
  5. Through Garmin BaseCamp, you can simply view playback of routes, tracks, and adventures. 
  6. In addition, you can create and share Geotagged photos. 

Easy-to-Follow Process to Download BaseCamp 

Here is the comprehensive and detailed procedure by following which you can download Garmin BaseCamp on your system. 

  • Navigate to To commence the download process, make a selection for a web browser for example Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge Chromium, Safari, Firefox, etc. Insert the URL of the Garmin official website i.e in the web browser’s address bar and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. 
  • Search for Garmin BaseCamp Software: On the homepage of Garmin, put your cursor over the “Sports & Outdoor” tab and a list of different products, software, maps will be shown to you. From the Discover section, you need to select the BaseCamp option. With this, a new window will be available on your screen consisting of two individual links for Windows and Mac operating systems. 
  • Click Download Now: Check the system requirements for your specific operating system and based on your OS version, click on the “Download Now” tab. This will display the Garmin Update & Download window on your PC, click Download and the software setup file will start downloading promptly. Once the download is over, you will be asked to run or save the file. Therefore, click Save and the setup file will be stored in the Downloads folder. 

Install Garmin BaseCamp Based On Your System Compatibility

Below mentioned are the steps that will help you to install the Garmin BaseCamp software on Windows or Mac Operating System. 

  1. From the Downloads folder, locate the Garmin BaseCamp setup file and launch it.
  2. Doing so, the Setup Wizard window will be presented on your screen. To move ahead, click on the Next button. 
  3. Another dialog box of End-User License Agreement will display, mark the checkbox after reading all the terms mentioned in the agreement. Then, click Next. 
  4. The installation processing will start, and once it is 100% completed,  click on the Exit button. 
  1. Open Finder from the bottom-left corner of the Dock. Continuing with this, you have to select the “Application” folder from the left side of the Finder window. 
  2. Spot the BaseCamp setup file and click on it. A dialog box will come into view, click on the BaseCamp Installer icon. In the next window, click Continue. 
  3. The Software License Agreement dialog box will get displayed on your screen. Firstly, select the “Language” on the basis of your preference and click Continue. 
  4. The program will now show you a pop-up box to accept the terms of the License Agreement. Click “Agree” to give your acceptance. 
  5. Moving on from that, click on the “Change Install Location” tab, choose a folder or driver to save the BaseCamp installed software. 
  6. Click Install, specify your Mac credentials, and finally, tap Install Software. This will commence the software installation, wait for its completion, and then, click Continue. 

General Issues and Ways To Resolve Them

  • BaseCamp Software Fails To Setup On Windows:

 If the BaseCamp software does not install on Windows after several attempts, it may be possible that the Windows built-in firewall is blocking the installation. In that case, you should first check the “Block or “Unblock” status. For that purpose, right-click on the Basecamp setup file, select Properties, and then click “General Tab”. If the Windows Firewall blocks the software for installation, you will definitely see the “Unblock” option. So click on it to disable the firewall. Also, end all the Installer Processes that are running in Task Manager. To do so, open Taskbar > Processes > More Details > Details. Then, select the files and click on the “End Task” tab. Further, if you are trying to install the Basecamp application on Windows 7, the software installation will fail as it is not compatible with it.  

  • Software Is Not Installing on Mac OS X:

There are situations when some of the Garmin applications show errors at the time of installation. It happens when the software is blocked by Gatekeeper(security feature of Mac to protect it from malware and other threats). This is because you have downloaded the Basecamp software from an unidentified developer or from the third-party website. To resolve this issue, you first have to delete the previously downloaded file of Basecamp. Then, download the software from the Garmin official website i.e, and run the file for installation. 

  • Software Displays Error While Communicating With the Garmin Device:

 There are circumstances when BaseCamp displays an error when you connect your Garmin device with it for uploading or transferring the data. This happens if there is any corrupt file or data present on the connected Garmin device. If you are operating on Windows, the Windows version of Basecamp software will indicate the corrupted file. So, to delete the file press the Windows+E keys together, click “This PC” and then open the Garmin Drive. Following this, open the Garmin Folder, select either of the files i.e GPX, JNX, or JPG folder indicated as corrupted by the BaseCamp and then remove it. If you are a Mac user, open Finder > Go > Computer. Then, access the Garmin drive, open the Garmin folder, select the corrupted file, and drag the file to the Desktop. Afterwards, move the folder to the Trash and then Empty the Trash. 

  • Garmin Device Is Not Detected by BaseCamp:

If Garmin BaseCamp is unable to detect your device, firstly make sure that your Garmin device is showing a connection icon. If the device is not displaying the connection icon, try another Garmin branded USB cable. Also, you must use a USB Data cable not a USB Charging cable for connection. Secondly, you have to ensure that the USB port of your PC is working. If not, affix the USB cable into another port. Further, check that the other applications like Garmin Express are communicating with the device. In that case, close all the other applications that are currently active on your system. If the issue still persists, then there must be a problem with the software itself. So, install the latest version of the software from Garmin official website and then try to connect it with your Garmin device. 

Garmin BaseCamp is a map viewing software that can be connected with Garmin GPS Navigation devices. The software is available for Mac and Windows Operating System and cannot be installed on mobile. Follow the given article to know about all the features of the software, and how to install it on your system.